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This is for adults over 20 years only! 

No underaged or pregnant people can by.

All strains have carefully been selected and tested to give You a good experience and variety.

Please use with moderation & consideration

Kind & Sincere Regards

Dr. Greenthumb & Thong Dee


NOTE: Click the pictures for a bigger size.

Free Phuket delivery is possible for 5g onwards.



Larry Bird Kush | THC 24%600 / g.

Sativa: 50% | Indica: 50% | Taste of Sherbert and Kush. Provides with an relaxed feeling yet creative to do you stuff. Good if suffering pain & loss of appetite

Red Hot Cookies | THC 23%600 / g.

Sativa: 60% | Indica: 40% | Taste of mandarin and berries, provides with an euphoric and uplifted feeling yet the body will be relaxed. Good for depression & insomnia

BLUE GELATO | THC 24%600 / g.

Sativa: 45% | Indica: 55% | Creamy taste of ice cream & blueberry. Provides you more social skills as well as being creative. Good for stress & chronic pain

Skittles (f1) | THC 26%exclusive - Only sold here!700 / g.

Sativa: 35% | Indica: 65% | Premium strain that has fruity notes of candy and Citrus. Strong body high that makes you happy and relaxed. Great for stress & insomnia

Royal gorilla| THC 26%exclusive - Only sold here!700 / g.

Sativa: 50% | Indica: 50% | Premium strain that has heavy notes of sweet lemon and pine. Amazing relaxed feeling of euphoric happiness. Great for stress & chronic pain